2010 Issue No. 4

Nesting Newbies® Magazine—Issue No. 4
Features Chef Lea McIntosh, Tyler Florence,
Marisol Nichols, Bloggers…and More!

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Our new issue (No. 4) is a burst of happy! We enjoy the enthusiasm and energy that comes from the creative, collaborative process…and we are in awe of the talented professionals who contributed to and are featured on each glossy-digital page!

Here’s a taste to titillate:
• Chef Lea McIntosh prepares an Old World fusion-feast
• Going nutty over Lea’s new BaklaPops!
• Exciting times for Food Network star Tyler Florence
• Find your own Casbah cool, rustic wonderland or urban oasis…
• Celebrity Coops (our new feature)…See ABC’s The Gates star Marisol Nichols at home
• Living with art…with expert advice for starting your own collection
• Meet the bloggers…and read their Nestimonials

There’s so much more to discover—read about Iconic Nester Michelle Workman, Hollywood’s A-list interior designer. Check out the must-haves for your kitchen pantry and your home. Discover Emily LaMarque’s playful home design for a young, urban couple, and learn ingenious ideas from the Upward Bound House rooms.

You’ll find the magazine at nestingnewbies.com. Don’t forget to enter to win the Bluebird Bag, our new Mag Swag Bag worth $2,226! (contest ends October 13). Become a Facebook Fan to be the first to read about our on-going contests and giveaways.

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