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TLC for Tootsies {Why it Matters}

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By Connie Kulberg and Derik Landry, Pinkies Nail Salons



Pinkies Nail Salons was one of the girls-day-out sites featured in Chill, Making Time for a Time Out, in the third issue of Nesting Newbies Magazine.  Connie and Derik, Pinkies’ owners, have more to say regarding the “tootsies” topic:

Why is a pedicure important?

Healthy feet are vital to overall health.  According to Foot Care Direct, the average person walks approximately four miles every day or 115,000 miles in a lifetime.  Strenuous activity increases the miles.

Pedicures are an excellent way to help keep your feet looking and feeling great.  A pedicure cleans feet, provides nail care, and promotes circulation.  A good pedicure can be very relaxing and therapeutic.

Not only does it feel luxurious to pamper you and your toes, getting pedicures on a regular schedule also offers physical benefits.  Your nail technician helps improve the appearance of your feet as well as your overall comfort by removing dead skin and calluses with pumice or other implements.  Having calluses on your feet can cause uneven pressure when you walk or stand, causing pain when on your feet all day.

The massage in a pedicure or manicure is one of the most important parts. Many technicians use foot reflexology.  This helps stimulate the blood flow to the feet and legs and provides the relaxation you feel when someone is massaging.

Using certain scents in pedicures provides additional benefits above and beyond the physical.  Certain scents and oils may improve circulation, focus, memory, and mood.  The smell of citrus invigorates the mind, while sugar excites, and lavender relaxes.  Leaving the salon with pretty toes may seem like the only reward you get, but you are also gaining a good mood and better health.

How You Can Give Yourself a Pedicure at Home:

This is something that couples can do together. Light a scented candle to create a relaxed atmosphere.

• First remove old and chipped nail polish from toenails using nail polish remover.
• Next soak your feet for a few minutes in warm soapy water, and then pat them dry.
• Cut the nails of the toe using a nail cutter, and file them straight across.  Filing is a must to smooth rough edges.
• Then apply a cuticle cream and massage it into the cuticles with a tipped orange stick.  Do not attempt to trim cuticles with a metal nipper unless you are a professional and have experience with this tool.
• Clean and exfoliate feet using a pumice stone. Some hard rubbing may be needed on thick heels and ball of foot calluses.  This removes dirt, grease, and dead skin.
• Soak your feet in water again.
• Apply a nourishing cream to the foot, ankle, and lower leg to moisturize the skin.  Give the foot, ankle and lower leg a very long, luxurious massage.  This is best if your partner does it!
• Clean the nail beds well with alcohol to remove any of the oil from the lotion.  Apply a base coat, two coats of polish, such as OPI or Essie, and finish with a good quality top coat such as Seche Vite.
• For men or women who do not prefer polish, a “shiny buffer” gives a beautiful long lasting shine to a natural nail.

Pinkies Nail Salons is a collection of locally owned and operated salons across the Bay Area—Los Altos, Lafayette, Burlingame, San Ramon, Danville, and San Francisco. Owners Connie Kulberg and Derik Landry ensure each salon provides clients a relaxing and indulgent experience at an affordable price. Our exfoliating scrubs, private label lotions, and polish give your feet, hands, and nails all the love and care they deserve.

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Party Ideas

The Cheese Stands Alone

Comments Off 10 February 2010

Cheese Stands Alone - Make a large cheese display - Entertaining With Cheese

Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, Winter ’10

One of the easiest menus to pull together for a party is a wine and cheese tasting. Or is it? Grab your keys, head off to your local market, and find your way to the cheese counter. Now, choose.

“With over 1000 varieties available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the choices,” says Chef Lea McIntosh. “Selecting cheese can be as intimidating and complicated as choosing a fine wine.” It’s no wonder we all end up with the same old wedges of cheddar and Monterey Jack in our shopping bags.

Getting to know cheese could become a new hobby or life’s passion, but for those of us who just want to throw a good party, Chef Lea has developed two selections—one using American artisanal cheeses and one with international choices. Each selection offers your guests a wonderful tasting experience. “I want you to have a stress-free introduction to the world of cheese, and you’ll see how the cheese stands alone as the only course you’ll need to serve for entertaining.”

Photography By: Natali Wi

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