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Entertaining: Casbah Cool

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Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, 2010 Issue No.4

Casbah Cool for Warm Evening Entertaining


It begins with an idea, and Lea had one. A really good one. “I want to show our readers an alternative way to barbeque,” Lea McIntosh explains. “I envision a low table, with lots of cushions for casual seating, and the hostess at the head of the table with a small, portable grill right next to her. Then she can be a part of the party—not stuck behind the scenes cooking. I picture Casbah-like entertaining for the dog days of summer—laid-back…lots of laughter and conversation…pass the food as it comes off the grill and nosh all night.”

Read how the idea turned into a joyous day at a fabulous location, with a table styled by a oh-so-hip designer, and attended by popular bloggers…

Photography by Natalie Wi, Allure West Studios

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Party Ideas

Picnic in a Jar!

2 Comments 19 July 2010


If you’ve taken a look at Issue 3, perhaps Lea’s innovative Jarfaits, portable parfaits for a take home treat, caught your attention. Well, Lisa Moore’s picnic in a jar caught our attention! Lisa is a fan of Nesting Newbies and she’s a twenty-something mother of three who enjoys entertaining, parties and decorating…sounds like our favorite kind of newbie : ) Lisa writes Moore Minutes, sharing the beauty she finds in everyday life {sweet!}

Lisa recently did a post we’d like to share…The Charms of a Summertime Picnic. In it she says, “Jars are an excellent way to hold picnic food! They transport easily and look much prettier than tupperware. It’s a simple way to add beauty to the table and still keep it functional {what a cool idea}.” Take a look at a few examples:

Lisa Moore 1Lisa Moore 2

Tapioca pudding with fresh blackberries and whip cream

Lisa Moore 3

Layered green salad with homemade dressing

Lisa Moore 4

Check out the rest of the story on her blog.

Images courtesy of Lisa Moore.

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