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Join Lea and Jodi at Design San Francisco!

Comments Off 31 January 2011

It’s time for Design San Francisco, the annual event for Design Professionals hosted by the San Francisco Design Center. From February 2 through February 4th, there will be keynote presentations, seminars and panel discussions on a variety of design topics.

Chef Lea McIntosh will be making a guest appearance in the Christopher Peacock Showroom on Wednesday, February 2 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM…come and work side-by-side with her and she’ll teach you one of her fabulous recipes!

Jodi Murphy will be on a panel with Crystal Gentilello (Rue Magazine), Sarah Lonsdale (Remodelista) and Heidi Gerpheide (California Homes) in the A. Rudin Showroom on February 3 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM…come and chat with her and the other distinguished panelists about digital media.

Here are the official details…

See the entire line up for Design San Francisco.

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Niki’s Lavish Experience!

7 Comments 15 December 2010

I had an amazing time this weekend networking and learning with lifestyle bloggers from around the country at Lavish! Unconference. It definitely inspired me to ask myself why I blog and how I can improve. Here are 5 themes that I took away from the conference that every blogger can benefit from!

Most of the attendees of Lavish! were young women and they all came so well put together. As I navigated through the posh Mansion on Peachtree hotel, I was wowed time after time by how poised my peers are. As bloggers, we spend much of our time alone behind a computer, but that’s no excuse not to put your best face AND foot forward when you step out!

In every session I attended, the presenters stressed the necessity of original content. Even if it is as small as a tip that you share or a single photograph that captures a project in progress, it’s important that it be YOURS and not a copy. The internet is so saturated with blogs; make sure you give your readers a reason to come back to yours!

Oma Blaise Ford from Better Homes & Gardens magazine and Jillian St. Charles from HGTV.com did a great seminar on the perspective of print and tv on the blog world. They realize that although some traditional media outlets are a little behind in embracing bloggers, most are well aware of their awesome potential. Case in point, Emily Henderson, a blogger and the latest HGTV Design Star winner; she had the two key ingredients for a great blogger! Not only does she consistently create fantastic original content, she IS her own brand.

People come to your blog for you! No matter what your subject matter is, they trust your taste and love your writing style. The best way to create a loyal blog community is to express your unique voice confidently. Share as much as you feel comfortable sharing about your life and career and you will establish yourself as a viable source for your niche.

Erica of Design Blahg and Nicole of Sketch 42 did a great seminar on how tools can aide you in your blogging. Anyone that blogs knows that it takes a tremendous amount of research, planning and work to get posts completed and uploaded on a consistent bases. There are many sources out there to make this process a bit lighter so that you can focus on what your passionate about, the content!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Lavish! please visit the website! Feel free to contact me too.

Happy Blogging!

Niki McNeill

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