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Issue No.4: A Day with Bloggers at
Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards

2 Comments 01 September 2010



What a day! The folks at Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards gave us exclusive all-day, all-evening access of their estate for our magazine. We took full advantage and staged “Casbah Cool,” one of our entertainment features, and “Midsummer Mediterranean Grill,” our main cooking story. Ellie Platis, one of Fogarty’s event managers, was such a doll. Her positive energy and pitch-in attitude helped us feel welcome and the experience enjoyable, even though for us it was quite a work day. (Image by Natalie Wi)

Welcome NN

The entire estate…just for us! (Image by Natalie Wi)

Lily pond

We parked by the lily pond with the resident turtle on his floating island! (Image by Natalie Wi)

Lotus Bleu 2

Lotus_Bleu 1

Jeannie Fraise and Allie Bruch from Lotus Bleu work on styling a modern Moroccan table with a nesting theme. James Burkart is filming their work-in-progress for the video bite in the magazine. (Images by Natalie Wi)

Amy Burke_Fogarty Wine

A close up of the table shows the chick vases by Kanick Chung (available through Lotus Bleu) and the flowers by Amy Burke. Don’t the flowers look like whimsical bonnets? One of Thomas Fogarty’s Pinot Noirs is ready to be uncorked. (Image by Natalie Wi)



We walked the grounds, and photographed our blogger “models” throughout the estate. (Images by Natalie Wi)



Inside, the culinary team works on our post-shoot dinner…preparing the recipes that are featured in Midsummer Mediterranean Grill. (Images by James Burkart)

Waiting for dinner

Our models enjoy a glass of wine while awaiting dinner. (Image by Natalie Wi)


The evening concluded with special gifts for everyone! Take a peek at the gifts galore…(Image by Rio Constantini)


A taste of Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyards to take home…A bottle of their 2006 Estate Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains).


Brick Monkey, known for their curious and distinctive furniture and accessories, gave everyone a chic ceramic pineapple-leaf candle holder with votive wrapped in their signature packaging.

DK Designs

Diane Phillips of DK Designs made beautiful paperweights…She handcrafted single white gardenias and attached them to antique blue glass made from mason jars by Midwest Finds. (Image by Diane Phillips)


Pamplemousse Patisserie et Cafe shared their French macarons…the best we’ve EVER tasted! (Image by Justin Miel)


SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa gifted their signature “Bochox,” a box of delicious dark chocolate! (Image by Natalie Wi)


There were not one but two delicious cupcakes to take home from Bebecakes CupcakeryVaVa Voom (chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chip/cream cheese filling), and Miss Scarlett (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting).


Lotus Bleu included sweet felt pouch by the French company, Muskhane. The pouches are eco-friendly, naturally dyed, and made by hand in Nepal.


What a surprise…A Pinkies Nail Salons’ gift card means manis for everyone! (Image by Natalie Wi)

Now, meet the bloggers!

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Cover Candy: The Making of the Spring 2010 Issue

1 Comment 22 May 2010


Behind-the-Scenes images by Erin DeMartini


Our Nesting Newbies team took over a corner of the San Francisco Room&Board Showroom for our Spring 2010 cover shoot. Our thanks to Michael Gargiulo and Jason Levine for being so generous and to the entire staff for their support!

SP10.BTS 1

Bryan Mason is willing to climb the (very) tall ladder to clip on our custom pendant, featuring an explosion of white flowers–handcrafted from soft clay by designer Diane Phillips.

SP10.BTS 2

Does Jodi look nervous? By the way, we no sooner got the pendant in place when a woman walked by and asked where could buy it! (Here’s a secret…you might be the one to win it in our Inbe’tweet contest in July…more soon.)

SP10.BTS 3

Jeanine Hays from AphroChic Blog and AphroChic Shop came to help us style the bed with some of her modern soulful pillows.

SP10.BTS 4

We started with Room&Board’s Wyatt Queen Bed with Low Headboard and added the ANIS duvet from Blissliving Home.

SP10.BTS 5

Bryan, Jeanine’s hubby, gets the AphroChic Dreamland Collection pillows plumped and ready to place next.

SP10.BTS 6

Jeanine makes sure the pillows are set just right.  We brought in a With-a-Twist table from Brick Monkey for an unexpected twist!

SP10.BTS 7

We added the Duralee, Super Bulldog, and AphroChic Mandala pillows to the front.

SP10.BTS 8

SP10.BTS 9

Photographer Margot Hartford arrives and gets the camera set up and lighting ready to go.

SP10.BTS 10

Margot, Lea and Jodi check out the framing. Is everything in the right place?

SP10.BTS 11

Our front cover features a decor vignette…Did you notice that there’s always a bird element somewhere in the scene? On the back, we always include Lea in the vignette as Chef Lea is one of our Nesting Newbies brands. Lea’s wearing a bird robe made from a whimsical fabric called “Bird Swing” by Michael Miller Fabrics.

SP10.BTS 12

SP10.BTS 13

Trying all sorts of positions to get the best image. Gotta have those Charles Chocolates in the scene!

SP10.BTS 14

Meet the entire team: Erin DeMartini, Margot Hartford, Lea McIntosh, Bryan Mason, Jeanine Hays…and Jodi Murphy taking the shot (after Margot set it up : ). It’s a wrap!

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