Sentimental for a String of Pearls

Comments Off 22 December 2010

By Jodi Murphy

Image by janiejonesmt

I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco, when I came upon a small inventory of String of Pearl succulents in 4 inch pots. Wow, a sudden flash took me back to my grandparents’ home and visions of my grandfather working in his greenhouse. He’d be so hip today because he LOVED succulents, and he was a master at growing them to massive sizes. He loved to putter (haven’t used that word in a while…but that truly describes what he did) in his greenhouse and with extreme patience, his plants just thrived. His String of Pearls were impressive specimens, and I adored playing with them (carefully), and I adored my grandfather…

Sadly, he’s been gone for many years, but finding those String of Pearls brought him back…so I couldn’t leave without taking home some precious pearls.

Now I am on the search for a pot worthy of my sentimental purchase:

Choose – Give Planter by lorikoop

Wood Grain Flower Pot by sasswatchdotcom

Tumbler Concrete Pot by CarolinaStoneGardens

Excavated Pot, Pedestal by Anthropologie

Whatever I ultimately choose, I hope I can borrow grandpa’s green thumb…and patience…to turn my little succulent into a cascading waterfall of pearls!

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