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Kitchen Newbies

Getting Organized:
Lea Raves About Cuisinart Storage!

Comments Off 06 April 2011

“I’ve never seen this before…where have I been?” asks Chef Lea McIntosh, who recently discovered the Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder. “How cool is this! I’ve had my Cuisinart Food Processor for years, but have always been frustrated when figuring out ways to store it…I mean, what do you do with all those blades and discs? I came across this holder while browsing online. Yay! This is a great solution.”

Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder.
Available at
Also available at

Cuisinart DLC-DH Disc Holder
Here’s another holder for three discs. You can purchase additional if you have more because its stackable.
Available at
Also available at

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Kitchen Newbies

Spelling Bee for Foodies!

Comments Off 01 April 2011

Let the foodie games begin…Scrabble is coming out with a special cooking edition! Can you spell the words for the recipes you cook in the kitchen? Can you come up with all sorts of celebrity Food Network names? Forget about being a master chef when you can be “Master Speller” at your next party. (Chef Lea is waiting at the door for her Scrabble cooking edition to arrive…hey will there be an app for this? : )

You can PRE-ORDER it at

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