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Sweet Bites

BaklaPops: Crunchy, Nutty, Sweet Bites

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Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, 2010 Issue No.4

BaklaPops: A new spin on a favorite phyllo pastry.


It’s unanimous…we have dubbed Chef Lea McIntosh with the title “Sultana of Sweets” for her clever invention of BaklaPops—crunchy, nutty, cinnamony, sugary bites of heaven. Pure culinary treasure!

Traditional baklava is a Middle Eastern nut-filled phyllo-dough pastry, made in sheets that are cut and served brownie-style. “I think that people want to enjoy pastries and desserts without over doing it,” says Lea. “BaklaPops are perfect, one-bite indulgences! And what doesn’t look cute on a stick?”

Find out how to make these sweet treats in Issue No. 4. Chef Lea’s step-by-step video instruction will guide you through the process.

Rio Costantini Photography

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Foodie Peeps

Foodie Peeps: Tyler Florence

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Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, 2010 Issue No.4

Tyler Florence and his exciting time of growth and expansion.


When Food Network was in its infancy, they took notice of one of New York’s finest young chefs. Fast forward 15 years, and Tyler Florence is one of America’s most charismatic culinary voices. He’s starred in three series, hosted numerous specials, has been a regular guest on national television shows, and has authored top-selling cookbooks. Quite a list of accomplishments in anyone’s lifetime, but Tyler’s having a growth spurt. In the last two years he, and his small—but mighty—team, have expanded his brand and are entering into exciting new ventures.

Read more about Tyler Florence in Issue No. 4.

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