Chef Lea raves about her faves—find out what she says you must have in your kitchen.

Kitchen Newbies

Spelling Bee for Foodies!

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Let the foodie games begin…Scrabble is coming out with a special cooking edition! Can you spell the words for the recipes you cook in the kitchen? Can you come up with all sorts of celebrity Food Network names? Forget about being a master chef when you can be “Master Speller” at your next party. (Chef Lea is waiting at the door for her Scrabble cooking edition to arrive…hey will there be an app for this? : )

You can PRE-ORDER it at

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Kitchen Newbies

Fondess for Fondue Pots

Comments Off 08 February 2011

Chef Lea McIntosh has used a lot of fondue pots over the years and these are a few she’s currently fond of…

Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Fondue Set

“The Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Fondue Set is great for all Fondue, especially Chocolate and is the most versatile and reliable fondue pot. There’s a stainless steal bowl insert, so it makes it really easy to prepare the melting chocolate.”

Swissmar Sierra 11-Piece Meat Fondue Set, Red Enameled Pot

“The cast iron fondue pots are very heavy, burn very warm, and are better for broth or heating oil to cook meats for dipping. Be aware that they can easily get hot spots that burn or cause separation of delicate chocolate or cheese fondues. Out of the cast iron brands, I think SwissMar is great and very sturdy.”

Crate & Barrel Glass Fondue Set

“I think this fondue set from Crate-and-barrel is VERY cool and chic! Since it is all glass, you can see the fondue…but keep in mind that it will be more delicate than a stainless or cast iron option.”

Chantal Fun Fondue

“The Chantal Fondue pots are very popular for a small fondue presentation, but the candle element can scorch the chocolate or cheese if it isn’t stirred often. This is for immediate service and not for a fondue party where you’ll want your pot to stay in operation for a long period of time. They’d be perfect for a romantic dinner party for two!”

Try Chef Lea’s original WhatChaMaCallIt Chocolate Fondue recipe

Have a Fondue Party for 50! Chef Lea shares how…

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