Check out our newbisodes unrehearsed and interactive cooking segments with Chef Lea and newbies where she guides them through recipes and demonstrates basic cooking skills. “I never know what questions they’ll ask or what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. I think viewers will appreciate the authenticity.”

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How to Arrange an Artful
-and Unexpected- Cheese Platter

1 Comment 10 April 2010

HOW TO ARRANGE AN ARTFUL— AND UNEXPECTED—CHEESE PLATTER Turn a 30-inch round glass into a cheese platter. You’ll need the selection of cheeses, fresh raspberries (or strawberries), grapes (several varieties), your favorite nuts (no salt), and a small crock of slow-roasted balsamic figs (recipe to follow). The video shows you how to build the ingredients into an extraordinary display.

Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, Winter ’10
The Cheese Stands Alone - Chef Lea’s formula for a fabulous wine-and-cheese party.

Newbies: Vanessa & Elise Rockey
Produced By: Burkart Video

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Video Bites

Newbisode: Seafood Risotto
& Mediterranean Seaside Tablescape

1 Comment 18 December 2009

Meet the Newbies. Wendy and Michael Mantilla were married in October 2008 – They love adventure! They keep life light and spontaneous…after 8 ½ years of enjoying being together, they just said “Hey why don’t we get married? And they pulled together a magical, intimate ceremony at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. It was relaxed and comfortable – just like them. Continue Reading

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