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Video Bites

Video Bite: Midsummer Mediterranean Grill

Comments Off 09 September 2010

Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, Issue No. 4
Midsummer Mediterranean Grill-Chef Lea McIntosh introduces a fusion-feast inspired by an Old World region.

The bluest of blue skies with wisps of white clouds. Bright, sunny days and crisp, cool evening breezes. Mid-to-late summer is a glorious time of year—a time to enjoy a few lazy days of relaxing and unwinding before the hustle and bustle of the fall.

With midsummer in mind, Chef Lea McIntosh imagined a grilled dinner inspired by Mediterranean cuisines—a fusion-feast with flavors common to many countries in this Old World region. “You’ll see influences from Spain, Greece, Morocco, Africa, and Turkey in these recipes,” Lea explains. “To me, it is so interesting—and tasty—to mix dishes and blend culinary flavors from many cultures.”

To prove her point, Chef Lea took her recipes out of the test kitchen and put them to a real test: a Midsummer Mediterranean dinner party for group of bloggers! Take a look,and feel the happy buzz she and her culinary team created that evening.

You can create a similar celebratory experience for your friends and family…read on!

Opening Photo By: Rio Costantini
Video By: James Burkart

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Video Bites

Making Salad Dressings from Scratch

Comments Off 20 May 2010

DRESSIN’ UP! Salad dressings are one of the easiest things to whip up using only a few ingredients. Chef Lea shares three classics—Caesar, blue cheese, and vinaigrette—that will take your salads anywhere you want them to go! And once you know the basics, you can easily embellish and turn them into all sorts of specialty combinations.

Read Full Feature in Nesting Newbies Magazine, Issue No. 3
Dressin’ Up!…and taking your salads anywhere you want them to go

Newbie: Jeanine Hays
Directed by: Elaine Clark
Produced By: Burkart Video

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