In every issue of Nesting Newbies Magazine, Chef Lea applies her culinary cuisine techniques toward innovative themes for newbie entertaining. She always puts a new twist on tradition!

Chef Lea

Lea and her amazing technicolor chef coat!

1 Comment 12 August 2010


Lea McIntosh wears many hats at Nesting Newbies: co-founder, creative director, director of culinary content, food stylist…and now we can add fashion designer to the list! A traditional white chef coat just doesn’t fit Lea’s colorful personality, so she set out to find an alternative. Of course, chef coats are now available in a wide range of colors, and that’s a start in the right direction…but Lea’s right brain inspiration puts the chef coat into a haute couture category : )



Lea’s brainchild? A custom chef coat with removable and interchangeable cuffs! An idea we’ve never seen done before. Her first design is a burgundy coat with cuffs made from an Ashberry Transitional Print Cotton Sateen fabric by Duralee (#20836-561 Green Tea). She designed it for her appearance on ABC’s View from the Bay. New cuffs are in the works as is another coat in turquoise with its own set of interchangeable cuffs. Through her own innovation, Lea is building an epicurean wardrobe befitting her vibrant personality.

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Chef Lea

No-Fancy-Trick, Slight-of-hand Food Styling

1 Comment 20 April 2010

Real food.  Honest images…Honestly.


Chef Lea McIntosh creates the recipes in our magazine, but what you probably don’t know is that she also does the food styling.  For us, it’s important to show the real food without using any fancy tricks or slight of hand.  Of course, we want them to look enticing, so Lea prepares beautiful presentations for the camera…and we look to great photographers to capture every last bit of delicious!


Here Lea is in the San Francisco Christopher Peacock Showroom kitchen styling a small bowl of her Creamy Chevre Crab Dip (page 28 in the Winter 2010 issue).


She adds a piece of fresh crab on top so you can visually tell that the recipe includes crab meat.  Notice the small cups of Brandied Tomato Cream Soup that were styled for the same issue (Page 16 Winter 2010).


The final touch?  Two snips of fresh chives placed on top in a graceful-X, for a pop of green!  The layering of wooden plates underneath complement the organic bowl’s shape.

For more on today’s kind of  food styling for magazines…read this great post on

Images by Michael Soo, Soo Photography

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