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Nesting Newbies Interview: Lea & Jodi


{PDB Interview w Jodi & Lea of Nesting Newbies}

Please share with us that aha! moment when Nesting Newbies was born!

Jodi: Everything about starting Nesting Newbies™ was quite serendipitous! Lea and I were working on several client-branding projects together, and we began a conversation about what we could do for ourselves. In addition to client work, I also write for magazines about interior design and am a total design junkie.

Lea: And I was doing web- and graphic-design on those projects but am a culinary-trained chef who used to work for private clientele and also had my own catering company. Even though I’m not actively working in the field, I am still a hardcore foodie and wanted to get back into the kitchen. So, when Jodi and I were brainstorming, we thought of doing a series of online cooking segments for newlywed couples. Betsy Rose, our awesome copy editor, said “Oh, you’re doing something for nesting neophytes.” Hmmm…Nesting neophytes? Light bulb moment and Nesting Newbies was born.

Nesting Newbies Logo PDB Interview 4

Jodi: We pulled together a crew and, without a script, we jumped right in and started our cooking show! In each episode, we included some design by demonstrating creative ways to set a table.

Nesting Newbies Cooking Show Interview PDB 5

Lea: The interesting thing we discovered was that many newbie nesters don’t even know the cooking basics let alone how to prepare food from scratch. Being raised in on-the-go households, they never learned by cooking with their families. We realized we were on to something.

Jodi: She’s right. And when Lea invited our first newbie couple to stand next to her to help her cook—instead of just watching—we knew we had the formula. It was so authentic because it was completely unrehearsed.

Nesting Newbies Cooking Show Interview Pepper Design Blog 6

But Lea and I wanted to do more than just cooking segments, and one day we just looked at each other and said, duh! A magazine! It’s something we REALLY know how to do, and we have relationships with incredible photographers, foodies, stylists, and interior designers. It took us about four weeks to pull our premier issue together—I did all the writing, photographers contributed their work, and Lea developed recipes and did the entire layout. People are responding so positively that we are now working on this and several other related projects full-time.

Jodi and Lea: This is one of the best experiences of our lives!

Nesting Newbies Magazine 7

Lea: Our plan is to continue to grow the magazine and develop a following, one reader at a time! Thank you for helping us spread the word.

Jodi: Yes! And stay tuned for the Winter issue—I love what Chef Lea has planned for the cooking feature, and we have some beautiful rooms to share—plus so much more.

Nesting Newbies Tablescape 8

Photo credits: Allure West Studios and Soo Photography


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