Chef Lea McIntosh with her Ori Pei Pooch, Bentley

Chef Lea McIntosh and her Ori Pei Pooch, Bentley pose for the Premier Issue Back Cover of Nesting Newbies Magazine, Fall 2009.

Chef Lea McIntosh is a Renaissance woman with the right combination of experiences to be successful in a variety of disciplines. McIntosh is a credentialed chef, graduated from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco; the former owner of an upscale catering company whose clients included Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Bugatti, Baccarat and Kimpton Hotels; and a former recipe tester in Sunset Magazine’s test kitchens. She is a virtuoso at creating the extraordinary.

Nesting Newbies™ is her brainchild born out of a passion to teach and a discovery that most new nesters lack both basic skills in the kitchen and easy ways to entertain with confidence. In Nesting Newbies™ Magazine she develops all of the recipes in the Cooking feature. It is her goal to make culinary cuisine more accessible and to encourage everyone to cook fresh in their kitchens rather than rely on convenience foods. In the cooking segments, her approach is unrehearsed and very interactive. She demonstrates basic skills and works with “newbies” on camera to prepare the dishes they’re interested in the most. It’s her authentic approach that viewers are enjoying.

McIntosh’s expertise extends beyond the kitchen, as she is the magazine and website’s creative director, responsible for their layouts and design.
Music also flows through her veins. McIntosh has an extensive background as a professional opera singer, as well as bluegrass musician, singing and playing the mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass—though she has little time to sing or play these days with her focus on growing and developing the Nesting Newbies™ and BotiQmarks™ brands. And that makes her sing with joy!

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