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5 Comments 01 March 2011

Jordon Cappella is a triple threat…he designs interiors, furniture and products for the home. He hails from the fashion industry where he cultivated his modern luxe approach. Today, he artistically applies his stylish aesthetic to all of his design-related ventures.

NN: Can you sum up your work in interior design?

JC: Modern. Individual. Luxurious. I don’t just define a home…I try to define my clients through the design of their spaces.

A few of our favorite Jordan Cappella furniture pieces. Read more about his background in furniture design on Apartment Therapy.

NN: Your latest product release is a new collection of candles…why candles?

JC: I believe everyone should be able have luxury items in their homes, and candles are just that affordable luxury! Without breaking the bank, you can totally change the mood of an environment by adding a unique candle scent. Try an uplifting citrus scent for a gathering of friends and you’ll really get the conversation going! Alternatively, light a sensual floral scent and you’ll create a nice ambiance for a memorable romantic evening.

NN: How did you curate the collection and decide on which scents to offer?

JC: I was thinking about creating an eco-friendly candle collection for a while. I am originally from Sydney, Australia and three years back I was home for a holiday. Keandre (my nephew) and I were playing ball in my grandmother’s back yard when he fell deep into Nan’s garden. I ran over to help him up and as I grabbed his hand we both noticed this beautiful scent wafting from him and the bushes. I asked him what is that smell?…only to hear my grandmother yell from the balcony: “Get out of my garden…you have destroyed my Grapefruit tree!” LOL

The scent of the freshly crushed grapefruit stuck in my mind and I knew then that this would be my first scent. But, recreating it was not easy. It took three months of trial and error to blend the perfect balance of oils, before Keandre, my premier candle scent was produced. The other five scents have come about from hours of mixing essential oils…which is my favorite part of the process! The Jordan Capella candle collection is comprised of three citrus and three floral scents.

NN: Tell us more…name each scent and will you share where you came up with the names?

JC: Sure! They are all named after my family and friends’ children:

Keandre (grapefruit) is my nephew.
Lucia (lychee) is my Goddaughter.
Francis (Patula) is my grandmother….who has since forgiven me for destroying her Grapefruit plant!
Honor (Blood Orange) is my friend Nina Grayson’s gorgeous daughter.
Juliet (Vanilla) is my friend Caroline Andoscia’s daughter.
Carolina (Gardenia) is my good friend Samantha Gregory’s daughter.

NN: In what ways are Jordan Cappella candles eco-friendly?

JC: We use 100% certified natural vegetable wax derived from the coconut fruit, a completely sustainable, natural resource for wax, made with all natural biodegradable ingredients. All ingredients are manufactured with non–GMO, pesticide free, raw materials that are manufactured ecologically sound, socially just, and economically responsible according to international standards. The cotton wicks we use work especially well in natural waxes, are lead free and minimize smoke with proper care.

NN: Where can we purchase them?

JC: At jordancappella.com

NN: For those of you in Los Angeles, you can meet Jordan in person this Thursday, March 3, at a West Elm design event…Perhaps he’ll light a candle or two!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful interview it was a pleasure to work with you!

    Jordan Cappella

  2. I love Jordan’s work, his aesthetic is chic, luxurious and oh so elegant – but modern.

    A true connoisseur of taste and elegance.

    S. @ TheStyleguyde

  3. Jordan has a very sophisticated eye and design style, which blends so well with his down to earth and amazingly supportive personality. I can’t wait to see his take on West Elm product. I’m sure he’ll add a super luxurious dimension to this affordable, accessible yet very finely designed product. JC is chic in every way imaginable. Congrats to all involved with his work!
    - JSD

  4. David McCallen says:

    What a great story! I love the sentiment behind the names of the candles and the story of the Grapefruit tree… Jordan is a talent to watch.


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