WNWN@200Lex: A Retrospective

3 Comments 22 October 2010

It’s been one month since our trip to New York to participate in the New York Design Center’s What’s New, What’s Next event. We’ve had time to reflect…

The day before WNWN, we joined bloggers from all over the country to be in the audience for the new Nate Berkus Show. For us, it was a chance to meet the faces behind some of our favorite blogs, and watch some behind-the-scenes action that goes into producing a network television show. Though many were disappointed that the show didn’t take full advantage of having decor bloggers in the audience, we thought how positive it was that the producers (and Nate) recognize the value and power of blogs, twitter, and new media. It’s the beginning of a relationship that will only keep getting better!

At NATE, we were captivated by the energy of Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo from ABCD Designs…she’s as vibrant as Manhattan! We met the lovely Susan Schneider, owner of Shandell’s, and Karen Young, founder of Hammocks & High Tea…two creative and successful entrepreneurs.

Speaking of recognizing the value of bloggers…it is NYDC who orchestrated “The New Curators,” and made sure that decor bloggers were an important part of their annual design event. Kudos to them! So there we were along with Elle Decor, Veranda, and Traditional Home. We gathered for a toast before our mission: meeting and greeting designers, and blogging about the showrooms on the fourth floor.

For us, we had a chance to interact with young designers from all over the world: New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Australia. Our fellow curators were talking and tweeting about new products from the fourth floor showrooms…Aqua Creations, Bograd Kids, Kravet, Sun Decor Fabrics, DESIGNLUSH, Laserow Antiques, Flourishes, Restoration Timber, Calger Lighting, Mannington Commercial, TK Collections, and Weinburg Modern. The hour flew by!

Natalie Wi, our senior editor, reflects our sentiments: “We are so grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the NYDC WNWN event. The building was electrified with energy and optimism, and we came home with a renewed sense of purpose.”


Lea McIntosh, Jodi Murphy, Natalie Wi
Nesting Newbies Magazine
Nesting Newbies

Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo
ABCD Designs

Liz Orgera
Shorely Chic

Nicole Gibbons
So Haute

Camila Pavone
High Heeled Foot in the Door

Patrick Hamilton
Ask Patrick

Tamara Stephenson
Nest by Tamara

Danielle De Vita
Design-Calendar for

Christina DeSmet

Jean Lin
Otto Design & Architecture

Emily Anderson
Good with Style

Julia Paulino Yenicag
Belle Vivir

Erin Gates
Elements of Style

Suzanne and Lauren McGrath
Good Bones Great Pieces

Carol Vanderkloot

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  1. susan says:

    What a fabulous recap. Meeting everyone was amazing. Thanks for keeping that wonderful day alive.

  2. What a beautiful recap! It was a pleasure meeting you ladies at the Nate Show. Hope to connect with you again in the near future…

    All the Best…

  3. So Haute says:

    What a great photo recap!! Thanks you for including me and it was so nice meeting you ladies!! xoxo