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HOT SPOT: Chic Antique in Chicago

1 Comment 26 August 2010


Nesting Newbie fan, Kristen, sent us this message about one of her favorite hot spots in Chicago…

“Just passing along some Chicago buzz. There’s a new furniture boutique in the Lakeview neighborhood in the Windy City. Chic Antique sells really amazing, refinished antique furniture. You can also bring in pieces of your own to have them refinished by the owner Crystal (who’s also an interior designer). They do free local delivery which is a plus, and nothing in the store (that I’ve seen) is over $500. Really unique stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. Cute kitschy accessories too!”

This caught our attention, so we pinged Crystal to find out more, and she sent over these images of what’s inside Chic Antique right now…

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 1

Crystal modernizes old pieces through bold colors, materials, and hardware to give them fresh face lifts that will fit into the chic modern homes of today’s generation. Hmmm…that turquoise trefoil side table with the white marble top is talking to us…let’s check out more.

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 2

Ooooh…that white chair with green graphic cushion, oh, and that black chest of drawers with the gold detailing and cool hardware…okay, we’re seeing where she’s going with this!

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 3

More turquoise (a favorite color!)…and lots of great finds.

But is Kristen right about the prices? Crystal says that prices range from $4 for vintage jewelry to $475 antique dressers. Most chest of drawers and dressers range from $250-$475. That’s really affordable for one-of-a-kind!

We asked Crystal to take us through a piece’s transformation…

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 4

“I found the mid-century chest of drawers at a flea market in the suburbs of Chicago, and decided to give it some pizazz with a white and fuchsia high gloss split finish. (I made half the dresser white and the other side fuchsia.) Then, I replaced the wicker door inserts with funky zebra printed cotton fabric. I added some mid-century vintage knobs and..ta-da!”

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 5

“It sold pretty quickly and, since then, I make sure that I always have a statement piece in the store to show how creative I am with older outdated-and-you-want-to-pass-by pieces. I also try to remake things into a variety of decor styles, so there’s something for every preference…whether that’s shabby chic, contemporary, traditional or super glam (my personal favorite:).”

Chic Antique_Nesting Newbies 6

Crystal takes great care to find well-made pieces constructed of solid wood with dovetail joinery. So, for interesting, affordable and quality furnishings and accessories for your home…seek out this very HOT SPOT!

Chic Antique
Lakeview East: 3435 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL. 60657


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  1. SUPER cute! i wish LA had a place like that! i’d head there in a heartbeat!

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