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[tweetmeme]Welcome to DecorMetro™!
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Have you noticed the amount of Internet information available on design topics over the last few years? It’s incredible—and overwhelming when it comes to trying to find it. That’s why we created DecorMetro, the first all-inclusive search-find-share destination solely for the online design community – designer, architect, homeowner, journalist, avid enthusiast, or manufacturer of home and garden products.

The DecorMetro mission is to bring the entire design community together so no one has to wander aimlessly through the Internet to find great ideas, inspirations, and resources for their homes and gardens.

For homeowners and enthusiasts: You’ll find that DecorMetro is the most comprehensive destination for researching and finding resources and “how tos” for your design projects.

For bloggers: Your voices will be heard by an exponentially greater audience. If the community loves your content, your stats will grow—and so will your fan base.

For industry: You have the opportunity to find out what the online design community is saying (or not saying) about your goods and services. You can engage in the community dialogues.

For journalists: This is your tool for researching and uncovering the latest buzz and resources.


You have the power to rate the value of a search result by either voting it up or down; so, unlike a general search engine, the community determines what rises to the top. Participate often and let your voice be heard throughout the design Internet metropolis!

But there’s more to DecorMetro…check out our feeds for the daily news and the most current design-related contests and giveaways. And if it’s being talked about—DecorMetro will find it!


You may have noticed that this is our BETA version. This means that Version 1 is out in the metropolis. But our vision doesn’t end here—count on an explosion of features and functions in the near future. For now, enjoy your first tour…

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