SHAZAM! A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

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Nesting Newbies™, Newbisode 1, has launched and is already getting some buzz!  Newbisode 2 isn’t far behind and the team outdid themselves as we all begin to get in the newbie groove.   Chef Lea McIntosh is at her best when she’s teaching and in this Newbisode Michael and Wendy Mantilla ask her lots of questions (we like to call them Newbie Q’s).  They are a lively couple and the set was full of fun and laughter as they learned how to cook Chef Lea’s Moroccan-style Seafood Stew over a Saffron Risotto.  Michael kicked things up a notch when he used “SHAZAM!” – His own newbie twist on a famous exclamation while adding an ingredient to the pot.  It was a hilarious and unexpected moment.

On the set in the Rutt of Los Altos kitchen,  everything is laid out in preparation, including the plump Christopher Ranch Garlic cloves.


Teachable moments include how to use a professional knife…


James Burkart captured all the antics on film!


Michael and Wendy are creating something together in the kitchen and are confident they can do it on their own the next time.


The seafood stew simmers for just a few more minutes before tasting…


Chef Lea uses a Calphalon stock pot and answers Wendy’s question about what kind of pots to use.  Calphalon was so excited about the show’s concept and this unscripted Newbie Q, they became a sponsor!  Chef Lea also taught Wendy and Michael how to use the leftover risotto in crab cakes.  Everyone on the set enjoyed a taste when the segment was over – we were chirping about it for hours.

The Newbisode segues into a Mediterranean seaside table top designed by Jodi Murphy and David Braddy using items from Bloomingdale’s Stanford, fresh flowers, lemons and seashells proving once again that you can entertain in style without breaking the budget.


Vanessa Rockey, the show’s hair stylist brought make-up expert Julie Acosta and together they primped and prepared Chef Lea and Wendy to look their best under the harsh camera lights.   Natalie Wi of Allure West Studios was on hand to document the happenings (she photographed all of these images) and take her stunning food shots.  Bon Appetweet ™ – JM

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